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Assisted Living Facilities Recognize Baby Boomer Generation’s Aversion To War

Assisted Living Retirement Homes have noticed the issue of war becoming ingrained into the heart and psyche of the baby boomer generation. Assisted living retirement homes recognize the aversion that seniors have to war because of their horrific experiences of Vietnam. While a relatively small percentage of surviving baby boomers actually went and fought in Vietnam, their emotional scars have deeply influenced the way they have thought about war and how they have selected their government representatives for the past 30 years. This strongly contradicts the way the parents of the baby boomer generation viewed issues such as warfare and the use of the country’s military power. Because World War II was such a necessary conflict and winning it was the difference between a world of freedom or domination by a cruel dictator, that fight had much more of a clear purpose.

Vietnam, unfortunately was a war that ended contrary to the outcome of World War II. The mission in Vietnam was unclear and the military was not strategically capable to win as decisively as they had in World War II. Many viewed Vietnam as a puppet conflict to benefit the American military and business interests who were profiting from the conflict. Clearly, this is a cynical and harsh way to view a conflict. These views were born from a distrust of the “military/industrial complex”, which was prevalent in the minds of a youthful baby boomer generation. They were the ones who saw their brothers and cousins go off to a brutal war which in their minds was unjust. Assisted living facilities have observed that distrust resurfacing amongst seniors many times over the years. It dominates discussions of modern conflicts that America finds itself involved with. Assisted living retirement homes have noticed that the issue of the Afghanistan war is viewed by baby boomers with the same distaste. Many seniors feel Afghanistan is like reliving the Vietnam war catastrophe all over again. The fact that people are speculating that America’s role in Afghanistan was to gain control over the oil supply doesn’t help matters either.

War by *B-82 on deviantART

The way wars since Vietnam have been conducted, shows that our nation needs to take an intelligent approach which will result in the wise use of our military. Our country’s current occupation in the Middle East seems to mirror the mistakes of Vietnam. History will judge how small conflicts like the Balkans and the first Gulf War were conducted. They could reflect a new strategy that avoids the tragic mistakes of Vietnam and uses our military to win decisively and quickly. Every conflict since Vietnam gives all generations the chance to ponder what military superiority really means. Assisted Living Facilities give seniors a chance to speak out and talk about their experiences of the Vietnam war. Activities involve sharing their war stories with younger generations so they can understand the importance of an organized nation and military plan.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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