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Assisted Community Living Centers Noting An Aromatherapy Trend Among Baby Boomers

Aromatherapy has come of age as the revolutionary way of blending nature’s wide array of aromatic oils to enhance your mood and life experiences. For many seniors, aromatherapy is a terrific hobby whether formulating personal scents, collecting them, or basking in their pleasures when it’s time for personal pampering. Gone are the days of buying a little blue flask of lavender water. The way to get the most from nature is to visit a favorite aromatherapy spa or purchase products at boutique shops. Seniors are also enjoying the convenience of buying aromatherapy products online. Assisted community living centers have noticed the aromatherapy trend amongst seniors and are allowing them to explore this hobby. Assisted Community Living centers understand that aromatherapy can have a number of positive effects on seniors and are encouraging them to explore this by introducing beginner classes and aromatherapy sessions. Aromatherapy can encourage healing, well being among seniors and improve their outlook on life.

Business owner Stacy Angelo sells pure essential oils, blends, and soaps. Developing expertise over ten years, she mixes aromatics with sound advice. She enjoys helping customers find exotics like organic golden jojoba oil or dozens of other essentials. Multiply that by an infinite number of blends, and a simple bath will turn into an exotic spa experience. Seniors who want to get into aromatherapy as a hobby or business should talk with a local aromatherapist to understand the logistics. Many baby boomers and senior citizens take advantage of the aromatherapy classes offered to them at assisted community living centers in their area. These classes are offered by assisted community living centers to encourage seniors to start this as a hobby or a second career. Information taken from these classes can help seniors start a new business or just to promote well being.

Smelling the Flowers. by ~Love4Parrots on deviantART

Statistically, women tune in to the benefits of aromatherapy much more than men, with relaxation being the most sought after benefit. One of the most popular blends is a mixture orange and lavender and has been one of the most consistent sellers. Learning how to grow and blend personal combinations is not a difficult task if you can learn the basics from a trained aromatherapist. A senior citizen can also seek out an aromatherapist to blend aromatic natural oils for his/her needs. A simple suggestion from an aromatherapist could be the sweet organic combination of cold-pressed lime and earthy vanilla. Other combinations could include frankincense and rose absolute which are the rarest and most essences. Aromatherapy has even proven beneficial to pets. Pet aromatherapy is taught in community colleges and local Assisted Community Living centers.

Not surprisingly, experts recommend organic products with no artificial additives. Chemically formulated oils are definitely out of style and not as healthy. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional beforehand if you are using a scent or blend for the first time. They can educate you about the performance of each essence and its effects on our emotions. Assisted Community Living centers have seen aromatherapy as a path to reducing stress amongst seniors. Any senior citizen looking to enhance retirement or find a new business can embrace the gift of aromatherapy.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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