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Assisted Living Facilities May Incorporate Antioxidant Rich Diets To Minimize Effects Of Hearing Loss Amongst Seniors

Many of things we believed in the past science has now proven wrong. New research is demonstrating that another medical fact is now just a myth. New discoveries are indicating that the condition of hearing loss, considered to be just another sign of aging, can actually be minimized by eating an antioxidant rich diet or taking antioxidant supplements. Hearing loss affects almost 1/2 of the people in the US who are over age 65, according to data from various health studies conducted around the country. Hearing loss is expected to be a problem for at least 28 million senior citizens by the year 2030. The deterioration of nerves and membrane cells inside the inner ear are some of the main culprits of hearing loss. Since it is impossible for nerve cells to be able to regenerate, their demise results in permanent hearing loss amongst seniors. However, recent publications indicate that this is not always a result of simple aging. Residential assisted living communities are responsible for the care and health of their senior patients and make sure their diet consists of the nutrition their bodies need. With findings such as these it is likely that assisted living medical professionals will incorporate antioxidant rich diets for the patients suffering from hearing loss. Not only will antioxidants hopefully reduce the effects of hearing loss among seniors but they will also prevent cancer and conditions such as coronary heart disease.

In regards to aging, knowledge among researchers centers around the theory that oxidative damage from “free radicals” that attack the mitochondria, which are the energy center of cells. As the damage continues over months and years, the mitochondria are thrown into havoc and release proteins that cause cells to die. This leads to a host of physical effects associated with aging, including hearing loss. Through countless experiments, researchers have discovered that the development of age-related hearing loss was greatly slowed in animals with excess amounts of an enzyme that attack free radicals, as well as in animals that were fed antioxidants. Many agree that the research clearly shows that oxidative stress causes hearing loss. In conclusion, if oxidative stress can lead to damage and death of hearing-related cells, strengthening the defenses of the mitochondria with antioxidants should prevent or reduce this damage. Medical professionals working in assisted adult living centers are going to keep an eye out for the development of this study. Studies such as these will improve the conditions of senior patients residing in Assisted Living Communities.

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In simpler cases, anything that completely blocks the ear canal can cause hearing loss regardless of age. Earwax blockage is common. A doctor can cure this easily by removing the wax either with specially designed instruments or by flushing it with water. There are many over- the-counter wax control preparations that can be used at home. However, they sometimes can cause external ear infections. Many other problems can block the ear canal and lead to hearing loss. Such blocking causes a decrease in volume but does not generally produce distortion.

These problems include:
Infections accompanied by swelling that shut the ear canal
Foreign bodies in the ear
Birth defects
Growths in the ear canal

Any of these including blockage by wax, may result in conductive hearing loss. That is, it interferes with sound conduction and is generally correctable. It causes decrease in volume but does not generally produce distortion. Assisted living medical professionals are dedicated to the betterment of senior life. Assisted living facilities are designed for seniors to enjoy their remaining years in serenity. The results of proven studies and the latest development of research are incorporated into the curriculums of assisted living communities in order to give seniors a better chance at life.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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