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Lower Calorie Diet With Exercise: A Fountain Of Youth For Assisted Retirement Living Residents

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Recent studies have established that exercise plus restricting calorie intake helps delay the mental and physical deterioration that comes with aging. A mechanism may have been discovered in which caloric restriction and exercise delays aging by rejuvenating connections between nerves and the muscles that they control. The research begins to explain how exercise and certain diets can help to stave off the mental and physical degeneration of Assisted Retirement Living residents. The research involved experiments with mice that showed some of the debilitation of aging was caused by deterioration of connections that nerves make with the muscles they control, structures called neuromuscular junctions. These tiny links are remarkably similar to the synapses that connect neurons to form information-processing abilities in the brain.

fountain of youth by ~mptasek on deviantART

In a healthy brain, nerve endings and their receptors on muscle fibers are almost a perfect match, like 2 hands perfectly clasped together, finger to finger, palm to palm. This match up guarantees maximum efficiency in transmitting the nerve’s signal from the brain to the muscle, which is what makes it expand and contract during movement. As people get older, the neuromuscular synapses can deteriorate in several ways. Nerves can get smaller, failing to cover the muscle’s receptors completely. The resulting obstruction with transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles can result in wasting and eventually even complete destruction of muscle fibers. This muscle deterioration, called sarcopenia, is a common and significant medical problem in assisted retirement living residents. Many surveys and studies that monitor these processes are conducted at various nursing and assisted retirement living facilities across the nation.

The groundbreaking research shows that laboratory animals on a restricted-calorie diet largely avoid the age-related deterioration of their neuromuscular junctions, while those on a one-month exercise regimen partially reverse the damage. With calorie restriction, the researchers saw an improvement in nearly all of the synapse disassembly. With exercise, they saw a reversal of most, but not all. Because of how the study was organized, mice were on calorie-restricted diets for their whole lives, while those that exercised did so for just a month later in their life spans. The researchers cautioned against drawing conclusions about the effectiveness of exercise versus calorie restriction. The researchers also pointed out that longer periods of exercise might have more profound effects, a possibility that many current studies are now testing. Assisted retirement living professionals are aware of these studies and ensure their residents are obtaining the proper nutrition and a reasonable amount of physical activity to minimize the effects of aging. Assisted Retirement Living communities know that by incorporating the proper diet and exercise their seniors will live longer and healthier.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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