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Hot Wings Wednesdays: A Day In The Life Of An Assisted Living Resident

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Many articles have been written describing the term “Assisted Living,” but unless you have lived in one, know someone who does or make up part of the Assisted Living staff, it is hard to envision how the day to day routines of the residents unfold. A behind the scenes look at some of those who work in assisted living residences and how the team performs together to provide effective care might start by describing “Hot Wings Wednesdays.”

Activity calendars in senior communities and Assisted Living Homes are frequently booked full with a variety of fun, stimulating and invigorating social events. Mealtimes are not only nutritious and tasty, but often a time for residents to experience feelings of family and home. Sara “Bessie” Elizabeth moved into an Assisted Living residence. Although she was a quiet, well-mannered woman, she generally socialized well and participated in activities and events planned by the facility. That is, except on Wednesdays.

On that day of the week, she preferred to stay in her room and keep to herself. After many attempts by staff and fellow residents to change her mind, it was decided to let her be. One rainy afternoon in February, a young volunteer who visits once a week on Thursdays to chat with the residents changed her schedule and came by on a Wednesday. She had developed an especially warm relationship with Bessie. She had stopped by after class around mealtime and immediately noticed her friend was missing from the dining room. When she walked down the corridor into Bessie’s room, she found her sitting in an armchair looking out the window at the rain coming down. When the volunteer spoke her name, Bessie turned to face her with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Chicken Wings by ~BullShaft on deviantART

They sat together for some time and Bessie told her the story of how she once operated a boarding house in Louisiana. Her extended family always got together for Wednesday afternoon supper and she missed all of them terribly. Guess what they regularly ate for Wednesday supper? That’s right, hot wings! After a long period of reminiscing with Bessie, the volunteer paid a visit to the facility administrator’s office. After relating the story, the administrator promised to speak with the accounting department to see if it would be financially feasible to change the Wednesday menu to incorporate hot wings.

The administrator did not stop there. She checked with the nutritionist and the facility chef and food service staff to make sure hot wings and Southern style side dishes met the appropriate nutritional criteria and worked well with their time management schedules. Once those criterias were met, the administrator had a visit with the college graduated activities director. After getting a budget approval, together with her activity assistant and a posse of volunteers, the activities director and the facility not only started serving hot wings every week, but they developed an entire Louisiana style “Hot Wings Wednesdays” theme.

Once the word spread, all of the facility caregivers, nurses and nursing assistants began secretly publicizing the new event to everyone, except Bessie that is. When the Cajun music began ringing through the hall near Bessie’s room on the first Wednesday of the following month, Bessie’s best volunteer friend escorted her to the dining room. After a short period of time, it became difficult to tell if the tears in everyone’s eyes were caused by joy, or the spicy Mardi Gras level heat of the hot sauce on the chicken wings. Of course, all of the residents promised to sign up for an extra exercise session in the fitness center to work off those extra pounds after eating all of the red beans and rice, not to mention the hot wings! Working together with the emotional and physical well being of their residents in mind, the staff and volunteers at Bessie’s Assisted Living Home, hit a genuine home run when it came to “Hot Wings Wednesdays!”

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