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One Resident In Assisted Living Shares Positive Thoughts On Aging

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Scientists for The Journal of Geophysical Research perform radar studies of wrinkle ridges on the planet Mars, but it is difficult to find scientific studies about the development of human wrinkles. One thing that becomes extremely obvious when you stroll through the cosmetic department of any drug or department store is that wrinkles are not considered a good thing by us humans. Evidenced by the rows and rows of shelves filled with remedies ranging from creams, lotions, masks, serums, erasers, and fillers, wrinkles are big business. At least getting rid of them seems to be.

There has been much discussion on the subject of negative stereotyping of the elderly. The overwhelming amount of societal brain washing on the necessity of retaining a youthful appearance is engrained in us starting at birth. One does not have to wait until they become a senior citizen to start realizing what “look” is considered attractive and desirable. Fortunately, with awareness education and the influence of a quintessentially privileged group of aging baby boomers, some of the old stereotypes are disappearing into phrases such as “going gray gracefully” and “aging gracefully” and are replacing the theory that being old is synonymous with being unattractive.

In a recent conversation with an elderly woman in a local Assisted Livinghome, it was proudly disclosed that she “had truly earned every single wrinkle” on her face. With further questioning she explained that through her life experiences that included laughing, frowning, crying, stress, happiness, sadness and days lounging in the sun, she naturally and gracefully accepted the signs of her maturity. Scientifically, the impact of wrinkles, both in terms of quantity and type, on perceptions of age has been little researched since the early 1980s. According to a new study, if you must, it is the number of wrinkles you should be worried about, less than the location of them. If forced to choose however, forehead, nose and mouth wrinkles are apparently more aging than bags and wrinkles in the eye region.

Wrinkles by ~Colourize on deviantART

For the study, Jose Aznar Casanova and colleagues used computer software, the kind used by the FBI for suspect photo fits, to create several dozen male and female faces that differed according to the numbers one to four, depth, and location of wrinkles. The faces were all Caucasian, presented in grayscale, with no hair or eyebrows. The idea was to try to remove the complicating influence of factors besides wrinkles on age judgments. So what did the researchers find? Not surprisingly, faces with more wrinkles and deeper furrows were judged to be older. Moreover, the density of wrinkles had more of an effect on age judgments than differences in location of wrinkles.

However, as mentioned, eye bags tended to have less of an impact on age judgments than other types of wrinkles. A face with eye bags and wrinkles was generally perceived as younger than an equivalent face with wrinkles to either the nose, forehead or mouth. There was also some limited evidence that wrinkles and shallow furrows aged male faces more than female faces. Overall, female faces tended to be perceived as younger than male faces. Finally, the age of the observer made a difference in that the younger participants, preadolescents and undergrads, tended to judge faces to be younger than did middle aged participants. Okay, so now, we have the study and it seems we already knew the results: wrinkles are associated with aging, but do they have to be looked upon as a bad thing?

Wrinkles are modifications of the skin associated with cutaneous aging, that’s all. So together we proceed, wrinkles intact, knowing that graceful aging and well being have the potential to bring greater worth to human life, much as wine, whiskey, and cheese become more valuable with the passage of time, garnering enhanced taste, texture and richness. With age, trees become sturdier and more bountiful, violins provide a richer, more mellow sound when played, and antiques become more treasured as they survive more history and become increasingly scarce. In humans, the benefits of graceful aging and well being are boundless. The experience of time seasons characteristics that younger generations are largely unable to achieve. Assisted Living Facilities encourage their residents to view change as positive. Activities and discussion groups focus on friendship, personal growth, and recognizing the value of life.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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