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America’s Other Drug Problem & The Role Assisted Living Facilities Are Playing

Medication non-compliance kills more senior citizens each year than accidents, influenza and pneumonia combined. This is costing society a whopping $175 billion annually. Hospitals, pharmacies, employers, pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations and taxpayers all pay a part of the cost. Drug non-compliance is defined as the act of forgetting or overuse of medication and can also include the alteration of current dosage schedules without the consultation of a medical professional. Medication non-compliance is the leading cause of death among senior citizens in America today. But there is hope. Assisted Living Facilities are encouraging seniors to join them so that they can carefully monitor their medications and maintain a healthy dosage. Assisted Living Facilities strongly believe that the risk of medication non-compliance could be drastically minimized if more seniors got on board.

Many seniors, particularly those taking four or more prescription drugs on a daily basis, have problems with medication compliance.

Some Of The Common Reasons For Medication Non-compliance:

  • Fear or hesitancy of taking drugs
  • Denial of illness or need for certain medications
  • Misunderstanding the instructions for taking the medication
  • Belief that they’ve been cured when symptoms disappear
  • Forgetfulness
  • Cost of prescriptions

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In many cases, it’s a combination of several reasons, all of which can lead to troublesome side effects, ineffectiveness, drug overdose, and serious complications leading to hospitalization or even death. If an elderly relative is having trouble with a complicated medication regiment, usually a family caregiver takes on the roll of organizing, compiling and managing the senior’s daily medication schedule. But family members don’t always have the time to keep watch and make sure their senior loved ones are following a proper medication regiment. This is where Assisted Living Facilities come into play. Assisted Living Facilities and their medical staff are responsible for the daily monitoring of health conditions and the progress of their senior patients and will adjust their medication accordingly.

Caregivers and seniors usually keep an updated written Medication List that includes the patient’s name and date of birth, all medications, their dosage and times for ingestion. These lists are kept handy and in more than one location so it is helpful in case of a medical emergency. Caregivers utilize daily planners, pill organizers and automated medication dispensers to help seniors organize their medication schedule but these methods can easily be mixed up and become confusing for the senior and caregiver. Assisted Living Facilities offer the assurance that medication non-compliance won’t be an issue your senior loved ones will have to face. Better yet, medical professionals are nearby to assist in any health issues or conditions that the senior is suffering from. Many elderly citizens find that assisted living facilities can offer them the comfortable lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Assisted living facilities provide the medical care and recreational amenities seniors require to carry out a fulfilling day. Assisted living facilities customize specific service plans for their seniors, so as not to change the habits and lifestyle they are accustomed to, while at the same time catering to their exact needs.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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