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Assisted Community Living Centers Are Helping Seniors Become Social Network Savvy

Businesses are obsessed with marketing their products and focusing on teens and young adults through social network websites. Within the last five years or so, there has been a whole new development of social networking that is targeting baby boomers and senior citizens. Their goal is to capitalize on what many potential investors say looks to be a promising characteristic of older people who use the internet: They are more likely to stay loyal to a specific site and not bounce from one trendy site to the next like their younger counterparts. More seniors are getting a hang of using a computer and the Internet. Seniors are taking full advantage of the convenience of communicating with their loved ones with a click of a button and buying items online without needing to visit the store. Assisted community living centers encourage their senior residents to learn how to use a computer and make use of the Internet. Many assisted community living centers offer classes to help seniors learn how to use the Internet.

This new wave is creating a rush of new development into social networking sites that are oriented towards older people and offer like-minded individuals discussion forums, dating forums, photo-sharing, news and information about senior diet, fitness and health care. Social networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter have mainly focused on a younger demographic. But the prospect of 78 million boomers and seniors who are Internet users and know their way around a computer are the new target. It is obvious that senior generations are using the Internet just as efficiently and coherently as younger generations. Assisted community living facilities are making the Internet more accessible to their residents. If a senior wants to look up a recipe, chat with a relative, or find information about a particular health condition, the Internet is always there for seniors to utilize. HelpAssistance is provided by the assisted community living center to the seniors who are beginner Internet users and need time to familiarize with it.

Many of the advertisers that have thrown their hat in the ring with these new social networking sites include Humana Health Care Insurance, Fidelity Investments and the pharmacy chain CVS. Lee Goss, president and chief operating officer of Eons Inc., which received backing from the venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and General Catalyst, said that the sites aimed at an older audience may not grow as quickly as MySpace, but could have longevity.

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The remaining issue is the question of whether they’ll want to come together in large enough numbers to justify the large sums of money that are going into new social networking ideas. There’s no doubt that the interest from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists has led to a mini- boom in sites that cater to the elderly, creating what they say is both critical mass and a likely falling out. Christopher O’Terry, president and chief executive of a small social networking site based in Florida, said he believed that older customers were more loyal than younger ones, but said the evidence so far was inconclusive. According to him, a little over 90 percent of his site’s active users returned each month, a statistic that he said apparently impressed the venture capitalists who considered investing in the site. Whatever the trends are Assisted Community Living centers will keep encouraging seniors to utilize the Internet regularly. Assisted community living facilities give seniors the chance to learn a new resource such as the Internet to keep active, busy and up to date with the latest technology.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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