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Assisted Living Facilities Improve the Quality Of Life For Palm Springs Senior Citizens

Riverside County Advisory Council on Aging and the city of Palm Springs has co-sponsored a Senior Forum at the Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs. The forum was attended by over 70 residents, senior caregivers, and representatives from agencies and organizations providing programs and services for seniors. Attendees offered their views on the problems and challenges that impact the quality of life for seniors. The purpose of the forum was to help identify critical needs facing seniors living in Palm Springs, pinpoint gaps in services and programs for seniors and develop recommendations for addressing the needs and gaps. The Forum was designed to gather information that could be used by program planners, policy makers and service providers. The forum represented an important partnership between the Advisory Council on Aging and the city of Palm Springs.

Some of the topics discussed were as follows:
Lack Of Knowledge About Available Programs And Services:

A large number of programs are available to help seniors, but many seniors don’t know that they exist. Seniors have no clue where to go for information about available programs and services.

Lack Of Easy Access To Register For Food Stamps:

The problem of limited location sites to register for food stamps makes it difficult for frail seniors to avail of the benefits.

Many seniors of Palm Springs are not aware of the options for affordable housing, including housing which is handicap accessible or can be modified for a handicapped resident. Prices for rental units are escalating because of demand. Many seniors who want to remain independent and in their own homes are finding it increasingly difficult to do so. Seniors need to be informed of the amenities and services offered in assisted living communities so they can live comfortably and be properly cared for.

Elder Abuse, Including Fraud and Identity Theft:

Elder abuse is a serious, growing and under reported problem which now encompasses identity theft, fraud, physical and emotional abuse, unfair merchant tactics, and crimes targeting seniors. Assisted Living communities make sure that seniors are not taken advantage of or exposed to such problems.

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Credit, Financial and Health Insurance Assistance:

Seniors often face complex decisions when it comes to buying a home on leased versus fee-simple land, the kinds of home loans to consider and taking advantage of reverse mortgage options currently being marketed to seniors. Seniors also have questions about long-term care insurance and how to enroll in the new Medicare drug benefit program. But where can seniors go to find impartial and accurate answers to these and other credit-related questions? Assisted Living Facilities make sure seniors are in good hands by providing them with financial guidance from people they can trust.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety:

Explosive population growth in the Coachella Valley, including Palm Springs, is bringing a growth in automobile traffic, and with it the risk of accidents and injuries involving senior pedestrians. Assisted Living communities provide all the amenities senior citizens need both medical and recreational so that seniors don’t need to travel far. Having everything within the assisted living community ensures that risks such as traffic accidents are drastically reduced.

Accessing Transportation to Services:

Even when seniors are aware of programs and services, getting to the resources can be difficult, especially for those who are without access to a car. This can be a particularly serious problem during the summer months, when snowbirds leave The Valley and full-time residents are without neighbors and friends who can drive. Seniors may live many blocks away from a fixed-route bus stop, and travel to a destination may entail several transfers, which makes travel by bus difficult and potentially hazardous during the summer given the intense heat in the desert. Residential Assisted Living Communities have everything with their premises so seniors don’t require any traveling. Many residential assisted living communities offer bus services so that seniors don’t have to be at the wheel if they require to travel long distance.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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