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Driving & Other Activities In Assisted Living Facilities

Many seniors burrow in and say they want to stay in their own homes until they die, but unless they’re involved in activities outside their home, they often find themselves isolated and lonely. Watching TV and watering plants all day can grow old. Depression can set in and lack of stamina can make the idea of moving unthinkable. The time might come however, when they realize they need some assistance with daily activities such as bathing, grooming and dressing. Seniors could hire someone to come to their home a few days per week to assist, but if full time care is needed, that may not be enough. In addition to the assistive services offered for those 55+ years old, assisted living facilities provide the much-needed opportunity for socializing, so important for healthy aging.

What makes assisted living so appealing is that residents have as much independence as they want with the knowledge that support services are available if needed. Some states allow the facilities to offer medication assistance and if additional health care services are needed, they frequently contract with in-home agencies. Depending on the facility, some assisted living residents still own cars and can come and go as they please. One attractive aspect of assisted living is the variety of forms these centers take.

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Some are in residential homes with a few residents and others, large centers offering a multitude of services and amenities. Larger assisted living facilities often resemble swank retirement centers. In fact, many retirement centers have assisted living facilities as part of their compounds. Some have gourmet chefs for community meals, nice kitchens for home cooking, gyms and spas for health, physical fitness and comfort and garages for cars, as well as buses for group transportation. Assisted living facilities are not regulated by the same laws governing nursing homesand they have much more leeway in determining the services they offer. Be sure to research what the facility offers and ask what services are included in the contract and if there are any add-on charges for additional services.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

  1. James
    June 21, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    I think gyms are great ideas in assisted living facilities especially special equipment that can help promote physical health just for seniors. There isn’t a whole lot of special equipment out there. However I think a good elliptical is the best possable machine for staying fit there is. Its low impact on the joints and gets the heart rate pumping… wish I had it 30 years ago. I stay pretty fit myself though… Any way what was my question… [ Look kids my senior moment ] oh… ok here it is…
    Are there any programs available for seniors to offset the cost of senior care?
    here is my share link: for more about assisted living facilities.

    • June 22, 2011 at 4:15 pm

      Most Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities have regular exercise machines and equipment for the fitter seniors who are more active. Assisted living facilities promote wellness and healthy living by offering a range of exercise classes such as Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Yoga, etc. They also have equipment for physical and occupational therapy for those who have trouble with movement. Most seniors who undergo this therapy are stroke patients trying to regain movement after paralysis. Some have hip problems or have undergone hip surgery and are relearning to walk. It is indeed a wonderful thing that these facilities have such equipment to help seniors with their physical needs. There are so many Assisted living facilities nationwide its hard not to find one in an affordable range. It all depends on what you’re looking for. But if Assisted Living was out of the question there are some other options seniors can consider such as Home Care, Home Health, and Adult Day Care. To Learn more about home health and home care visit http://800seniors.com

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