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Assisted Retirement Living Centers Say Sleep Disorders Are Sometimes A Natural Part of Aging

Senior citizens deal with more and more health problems as they age. Most health conditions that seniors suffer from are related to aging. A recent study on aging seniors was conducted at several assisted retirement living facilities. One major factor that assisted retirement living centers noticed is the inability of seniors to get enough hours of restful sleep. It’s not the process of aging that keeps seniors from a good night’s rest, but various sleep disorders or sleep disturbances that often come with age. As we get older, our sleep patterns change and seniors do not spend as much time in deep sleep as younger people do.

Common Symptoms of Sleep Disorders:
Difficulty falling asleep
Continuously waking up early in the morning
Frequent waking up in the night
Health conditions can also contribute to lack of sleep amongst seniors, such as symptoms and reactions to medications.
Chronic pain
Consumption of alcohol
Lack of exercise
Sleep Apnea
Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive/neurological problems
Excessive caffeine consumption
Frequent urination during the night

That Dreadful Insomnia by *Sheeyo on deviantART

Assisted retirement living centers also believe that biological changes in older people contribute to sleep disorders. One factor is that seniors produce and release less melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps people sleep. Another problem that assisted retirement living centers have noticed in seniors is a change in circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm regulates various functions of the body including sleep. This tends to make older people more tired in the evening, so they go to bed earlier and get up a lot earlier too. Insomnia is another major problem with seniors, which is often linked to an underlying medical or psychological problem. Not getting enough sleep can impact a senior’s overall health and wellness and can even impair cognitive function. From a physiological standpoint, seniors don’t need as much sleep as younger people. Typically, they can get by with seven to eight hours of sleep, but that sleep often comes broken up throughout the day rather than in one big stretch at night.

The following are suggestions made by assisted retirement living centers for seniors to get a good night’s sleep:

Treat medical problems such as depression, arthritis, or bladder problems. Any condition that forces seniors to get up in the middle of the night must receive medical attention so they can rest easy at night.

Make lifestyle changes to eliminate caffeine, big meals or snacks before bedtime. Assisted retirement living centers feel that it is essential for seniors to exercise each day. Assisted retirement living centers recommend that seniors exercise early in the day rather than late and definitely not before bedtime.

Set a regular time to wake up and go to bed to train your body to follow a healthy sleep pattern.
It helps for seniors to skip their afternoon naps so they can rest easier at night.

Don’t accept fatigue and poor sleep as part of getting older. Try these tips for sound sleep. It is best to talk to your doctor and your assisted retirement living center about any sleeping problems you may be experiencing. They will have options and choices to help seniors get sound sleep through the night.

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