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Assisted Living Amidst Michigan’s Blazing Fall Color

First settled by Native American Indians before the arrival of French colonists in the 17th century, the state of Michigan couldn’t be any more “American.” Their state flower is the apple blossom, state fish, the trout, and state tree, the white pine. Michigan has more lighthouses than any state in the union, boasts 78 state parks, 19 state recreation areas and has 6 designated state forests, the largest state forest system of any other state. Perhaps one of the most interesting geographical points of Michigan is that it is divided into two landmasses, or peninsulas, and is surrounded by 4 of the Great Lakes, Superior, Huron, Erie and Michigan. No person in the state is ever more than six miles from a natural water source or more than 87.2 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline. It is the largest state by total area east of the Mississippi River. Michigan is also the 8th most populist state in the country. Assisted living has emerged as a highly important part of Michigan’s continuum of care services for older adults. Providing a unique combination of housing, personal care services, and health care, assisted living is the perfect option for people who need help with normal daily activities in a way that promotes maximum independence.

Every season, Michigan’s Department of Health publishes health warnings regarding concerns for those residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Summer in Michigan brings with it hot and humid weather. Although there are no explicit temperature standards for facilities certified on or before October 1, 1990, these facilities must still maintain safe and comfortable temperature levels. Facilities initially certified after October 1, 1990 must maintain a temperature range of 71 – 81° F. Facilities constructed after 2002 must utilize air conditioning to maintain the facility temperature between 71º and 81º F. Hot weather reminders such as those below are posted to help facilities in planning for and providing heat and humidity relief to their residents during Michigan summers. Recommendations to Health Facilities for Handling Heat and Humidity in Summer Months (May 23, 2006 Facility Notification from Bureau Of Health Systems) Hyperthermia: Heat Related Illness Equally so, winters in Michigan, especially in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the entire Upper Peninsula have a more severe climate with longer, cold to very cold winters. Some parts of the state average high temperatures below freezing from December through February, and into early March in the far northern parts. During the winter through the middle of February, the state is frequently subjected to heavy lake effect snow. The state averages from 30–40 inches of precipitation annually.

The government and health care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities take special precautions to protect their residents from the harsh elements that winter brings. Burn Hazards Related to Heated Surfaces in Long Term Care Facilities (10/12/09) Hypothermia (07/08) Influenza In Michigan (MDCH Web Site) Prevention of Wandering From Long Term Care Facilities With all of the extreme weather, Michigan’s fall color is amazing Autumn is when Michigan’s 19 million acres of woods slowly explode in a frenzy of red, orange and yellow color. It’s when an entire state is in its annual blaze of glory. There is no better place to see the dynamic colors of a trillion trees aflame than along Michigan’s highways, country roads and coastlines, or from the window or patio of a safe, comfortable, home like atmosphere of assisted living.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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