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Enjoy Assisted Living In The Culturally Rich Mid-Atlantic Region

55+ living in the Mid Atlantic region are gaining popularity as the area has many unique attractions.  For one, the climate is “in the middle,” neither too hot, nor too cold, and the states enjoy a bit of every season.  The area is also a very rich location of American history and culture. Although some agencies differ on exactly which states are included in the region, most include Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina as part of the Mid Atlantic region. In the northeastern corner, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution in 1787. It is the second to the smallest of states, but ranks sixth in population density. Delaware is approximately 96 miles long and ranges from 9 to 35 miles across. A large percent of the workforce is in engineering and it’s also home to a large amount of civilian scientists. Summers are relatively warm and there is a wide variation in snowfall and winter temperatures between the northern and southern parts of the state.

Maryland to the west was the first of the 13 colonies to revolt against the British rule in the American Revolution. On its eastern border, Maryland has warm to hot summers and short, mild to cool winters. In the more western areas, summers are mild and in the higher elevations to the north winters bring snowy weather. The state boasts the highest household median income in the country. There are approximately 350 biotechnology companies in a state that is rich in the life sciences. Baltimore is home to the John Hopkins University, a leading research institution in medicine and science. Maryland is also home to the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Virginia to the south is called the “Mother of Presidents” because it was the birthplace of eight United States presidents, the earliest being George Washington in 1731 and Woodrow Wilson, the latest in 1856. Many of their homes can still be visited today. Forests cover 65% of the state. Climate varies according to location with the southern areas being the warmest, but with an average 26 degrees low to 86 high in summer. Virginia is home to 8 million people with computer chips being their largest export.

West Virginia is known for its beautiful mountains and diverse topography. The entire state is located in the Appalachian mountain range. Popular activities include water rafting, skiing in some areas, fishing and hiking. The state is known for its sizable history in mining and logging. The acclaimed, retired basketball player, Jerry West was nicknamed  “Zeke from Cabin Creek” after the creek near his birthplace in Chelyan, WV. His nicknames include “Mr. Clutch” for his ability to make a big play in a clutch situation when he played his entire NBA career with the Lakers. Weather is temperate varying again, based on location, but ranges from 26-41 degree winters to mild summers around 76 degrees. Virginia is also the least tornado prone state east of the Rockies. To the west is the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, so named for the native grass prevalent in pastures and the fertile soils of the state. It’s also home to the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The state prides itself on the premise that it has produced the best horses, tobacco and whiskey. Climate ranges from highs of 85 degrees in summer to 23 degrees in wintertime. Kentucky characterizes a relaxed, slow pace of life and the state is laced with charming, narrow country roads lined with stone and wooden fences.

To the south is Tennessee, the 17th largest populist state. A most colorful political history includes the birthplace of Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston, who later became the controversial 19th century statesmen, politician and soldier in Texas, and has the city of Houston named after him. Tennessee is home to the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains National Park and of course, the late Elvis Presley, who was born in Memphis. The state’s major exports are cotton, textiles, cattle, and electric power. There are a number of major corporations located in the state including FedEx Corporation and the Eastman Chemical Company. The state is also the location of choice for a new Volkswagen manufacturing plant and the North American headquarters for Nissan. Climate is mild with warm, semi humid summer conditions and mild winters. The eastern boundary of North Carolina lines the eastern seaboard where the climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Although vulnerable during hurricane season, the frequency  of landfall is around every ten years. Originally known as the “rural” state with homes dotting farms and small towns, NC is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing states east of the Mississippi in the top three industries in the country:

Green Technology, Medical Science and Bio Chemical Engineering. Most residents of the state now live in urban or suburban communities. NC is home to the world famous Duke University, the fictional setting for the Andy Griffith Show in “Mayberry,” and headquarters of Krispy Kreme donuts. Tourism is big and golf is a main attraction for visitors and residents with some 350 courses around the state. In the higher altitudes, the production of Christmas trees is a growing industry and last but not least, the culinary staple of North Carolina, barbecued pork!

Many in the senior age bracket are choosing an assisted living location within the Mid Atlantic region as a way to stay close to children and grandchildren in the New England area. The region’s proximity to the northern states that also offer some of the nation’s most extraordinary collections of art, science and cultural history is also desirable, without having to live in the congested mix. 55+ communities in the Mid Atlantic Region frequently have assisted living environments designed in “village like” or neighborhood settings offering walking and resting areas to visit and chat with residents, swimming pools, tennis courts and activities to  bring it all together as an easy way to stay fit, stimulated and engaged.

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About The Author: Gloria Ha’o Schneider is an expert in senior citizen and baby boomer issues. Her topics revolve around Senior Living and Healthcare to provide the latest information to this demographic as well as their families and loved ones.

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